Tuesday 28 April 2015

The Jordan valley

Much of the Jordan valley is in area C, specifically 94% is Israeli controlled land. There is no water in the spring for Bedouin, this is a way for Israelis to evacuate the Palestinians from this area. The Israelis started coming to the Palestinian side/areas of the Jordanian valley so the Palestinians stop coming, this is the plan for the Jordanian valley.

Israelis are controlling 100% of the water resources here. The only source of drinking water for Palestinians is the Israeli national water resource.

This is a photo of the difference in pipe sizes; Palestinians have a small pipe outside the wire fence which supports many more people than the large pipe that supports the Israeli community which is protected inside this wire fence.

Israeli settlers get more water than they need, for example they have swimming pools whilst Palestinians have very little. The settler areas have green grass, lovely scenery with plentiful water resources.

Here met an organization working in the Jordan valley called The Jordan valley solidarity we witnessed them building a community center helping the local community here.

Here is an image of the Jordan valley solidarity building a community center, which could easily be demolished at any time but at least they are attempting to improve the situation for the Palestinian communities here. Find more information on their website http://jordanvalleysolidarity.org/

We were introduced to the Jordan valley by Hamza Zbeidat, community and media coordinator at Ma’an Development center.

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