Tuesday 28 April 2015

The Bedouin

The Bedouin are travelers who if they had a choice would not stay in one place but they have to now since the Israelis have restricted their movements in various ways.

Difficulties for the Bedouin began in 1967 where settlements began to be built everywhere in the west bank. Often settlers move to the regions Bedouins reside and this is why most of the west bank became forbidden for Palestinians.

The Israeli soldiers stopped any access for Palestinians to various regions and that is why the Bedouins cannot travel. They used to move all over the West Bank in search of more water for their sheep but now they move at a maximum of 5km on top of the mountains all over the West Bank.

The settlers shoot at the Bedouins their excuse is that they say ‘they felt threatened’. The Israelis are building military bases in the Jordan valley where Bedouins live even if the Bedouin were their beforehand. Find more information here at Ma’an Development Center, http://maan-ctr.org/.

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