Sunday 19 April 2015

Demolished house in Abu Dis

In December 2014 a house was demolished here in Abu Dis by Israeli soldiers. The reason for this was because it was too close to the separation wall and Palestinians may be able to jump the wall from the roof of the house. The fact that the house was built before the wall is not important as Palestinians have no human rights as far as human rights as far as Israelis are concerned.

Demolitions are a common occurrence in Palestine. There was a peaceful protest against the demolition by locals and since this was across the road from Al Quds University many students protested the demolition. The Israeli soldiers responded with shooting protesters. One boy I interviewed about this got shot in the foot. One boy was shot in the foot for protesting peacefully, this is Normality here in Abu Dis.

There was a road behind the house which was used every day by locals was closed with the demolition and when a man tried to move the rubble to clear the road in a bulldozer so it can be used again he was arrested by Israelis and put into a bath of cold water outside in cold weather whilst soldiers danced around him.

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