Thursday 16 April 2015

first day at Dar Assadaqa

I'm from Abu Dis but I live in Ramallah. I came to Dar Assadaqa today for volunteer training with the new EVS volunteers. We're working on improving the CADFA blogs so there is more on them.
Yesterday we got very bad news about my brother Yazan who is 18 years old.  He was arrested when he was 15 and the Israelis put him in prison for two years. Then they arrested him in 2013. Yesterday he was finally given his sentence, 38 months. He has been in prison for 21  months of this before getting the sentence. I last saw him 21 months ago in the court when he was first arrested. He should come out when he is 19 and a half years old and he will have been in prison 5 years and he has missed all of his study.

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