Wednesday 8 August 2018

Greenhouse farm fun

Today we started the summer camp at 4pm rather than the usual 9am (a well deserved lie in and a sigh of relief for some of our volunteers). The late start was so we could have our first day trip out, they've previously been to visit the local fire station but before us volunteers graced abudis with our presence. We loaded the shuttle buses with the kids and made our way to a local strawberry farm, the farmer from abudis had invited the kids to learn about the work he does there and to help set up the greenhouses for the new season of strawberry growing. This involved making trips back and forth with the plastic containers and loading them on to the shelves ready to be filled with soil, a task which the kids enjoyed,(something we'll never understand as running around in the heat of a summer house alone is unbearable, let alone a summer house in Palestine). Once we had drained the kids of all their energy (you're welcome parents for the easy night time routine tonight) the farmer talked to them about growing produce in the green house Vs growing it outside and the benefits, also about how things work at his farm, he explained to them what a plant needs
to grow healthly, we did this over a nice cold glass of juice and well deserved chocolate cake.
The trip was a success and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it, can the same be said for the volunteers? You decide from the photos at the bottom ;)

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