Saturday 4 August 2018

Day 1 Dar Assadaqa summer camp

Today was the first day at Dar Assadaqa's summer camp. We woke up early to bright light pouring through the window. (Well, most of us did; Yasmin remained sound asleep for too long). Our first day at the camp started with its usual morning exercise routine.  Saed, who coordinates the camp, led all 24 children in stretches and movements to get them ready for the day ahead. We then played a series of games, including one that we taught the group (a popular British children's game). They loved it! Once everyone was warmed up and energised, the group was split into three smaller groups based on their age.

Throughout the day, each group rotated and participated in various activities that were run my ourselves and the Dar Assadaqa volunteers. We are particularly proud of this hand tree that was created in the art session.

Each child traced around their hand, and decorated the shape with colour, patterns and words that represent who they are. This was a valuable tool for getting to know the children, and for them to get to know us.

Groups also enjoyed Dabkeh dancing and drama games. This enabled children to both learn and practise English, and celebrate their Palestinian culture. They even taught us a Bedoin style of dancing!

The camp finished in the early afternoon and we said goodbye to our new friends. This wrapped up a brilliant first day at the camp and we can't wait to carry on tomorrow.

We were then invited to have lunch at the Al Quds University campus with a group of international medical students visiting the medical landscape of Palestine. We met with some old friends and played cards under an olive tree (though a little too loudly for the campus security's linking!)

As we write this, Pauline is leading her English class for local women over a glass of fresh juice and biscuits. It has been a long day but the end is not in sight, as Yaz promises to support Flo in her ongoing quest for daily knafa.

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