Friday 10 August 2018

Sea, sun, sand

Sea, sun, sand. Or mud?
Today was another weekend day for us volunteers, so we took the chance to unwind with our friends here and visit the dead sea beside Jericho. Heat and salt, both in great excess today! The dead sea offered us floating and mud masks and an unforgettable view of Jordan just what seemed like a swim away. Unfortunately that's not a possibly leisure here, and I doubt if we were allowed anyway the pure lack of control in the unbearably salty water wouldn't have allowed it. We enjoyed cold drinks from 'the lowest bar on earth' (overpriced as always, but most defineltly worth it). The trip was lovely and we've all come back golden brown, or bright red and what is to become golden brown. A fresh chicken shawarma was excitedly welcomed on the way back.
P.s. the learning never stops here, today's lesson: a game of tarneeb (yaz and mosaab deffo won sorry Ahmad and pauline) :)

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