Friday 10 August 2018

The Palestinian weekend

The Palestinian weekend. Thursday and Friday. You can really see the difference in the town, and they're free days for cadfa volunteers, time to travel! Yesterday we took the chance to visit the far city of nablus, home of knafeh and to one of our dear friends ahmad's beautiful family. Since to travel to nablus you need to pass through ramallah, we figured we'd take the chance to also visit ramallah for a couple of hours, two trips in one! Ramallah was buzzing and busy, we walked through the town centre and through the old city, looked though some beautiful hand made delicates and got to see some dabkeh at a local event. We then sat down to a delicious mix grill meal whilst waiting for our friend mosaab to meet us. After he arrived it was time to leave to nablus, a bit of a journey but definetly worth it. We arrived straight away seeing the nablus town sign (of course picture opportunity was taken) then we made our way to the old city to buy souvenirs and see the famous knafeh shop, you can see the knafeh being made on one side to it being taken over to be served just opposite it! And of course the eating the knafeh was even better! After the old city we made our way into the mountains of nablus to catch a view of the city, a beautiful sight from so high up. The last thing on our list to do, the main event of the day was to visit ahmad's family home as we had a very kind invite to dinner with them. Ahmad's mother was making musakhan (which yas was very pleased about, musakhan crazy!) And of course the meal was beautifully presented and even more beautifully tasting! We really enjoyed the kind invitation of ahmad's family and we had a great night drinking tea and eating fruit. The long journey back was a nice rest for us all after our long day of exploring. Thanks Ahmad and mosaab for a lovely day :)

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