Sunday 11 August 2019

These posts are a couple of weeks out of date due to poor reception and issues logging into the blog the whole 3 weeks in Abu Dis - so apologies in advance 😊

27th July -  we took the students to Al Quds University here in Abu Dis.
Our students met with students from a summer camp in Jerusalem - just the other side of the separation wall - they all had an opportunity to share their stories - it was sad to hear them take a turn to talk about how they have been affected by the occupation, by the Israeli army or Israeli police. They talked about how they have had to adapt their behaviour when commuting to school, or out visiting with friends or out playing; to be more aware of their surroundings, to not even have hands in pockets for fear of being accused of hiding a weapon, being arrested or worse shot (!), always with an ear open just in case of trouble.

Heartbreaking  - This is not okay. With deep breaths I managed to hold back the tears because their childhoods have been stolen.

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