Sunday 11 August 2019

7th August - Our last evening in Abu Dis, was a farewell treat of a short play, singing, dancing and tributes from the children. We had a great time. Unfortunately I don't understand much of what is being said... but got the sentiment.

It was difficult saying goodbye and looking back over the photos and videos of the last couple of weeks makes me all warm :)  - I love these kids, they are amazing!

This of course was made possible by Cadfa and the other amazing volunteers. I have made some great friends and would like to thank Nuria especially - I think we made a great team, and with our fellow volunteer Megan and translator / volunteers Hannah, Balqees and Svetlana. It was challenging yet very rewarding. I have had an incredibly wonderful 3 weeks.

Of course my family, friends and colleagues all played a part in making this happen too and I thank you all for your support and donations.

I hope this has opened some eyes and helped to promote awareness of the ongoing Israeli / Palestinian conflict; Israel are continuing to break international law with ever expanding illegal settlements in the West Bank; Palestinian territory. It is one of may ongoing human rights issues there.

 Megan had a great idea to get them to sign our t-shirts - we all liked this :)

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