Wednesday 24 June 2015

Sharing Iftar in Ramadan

During this month of Ramadan, Life Makers, a student led organisation, is handing out Iftar to those that may need it within Ramallah and its local area. This includes providing food and water for the homeless and poor of Ramallah, but it also includes handing out Iftar meals in the nearby refugee camp. It is often thought of as a month of simply refraining from food and water (from dawn until dusk) but here in Ramallah, they are working hard to get closer to the many more reasons why Muslims fast a whole month, every year; Ramadan allows Muslims to empathise with the needy but it is also about getting closer to being a better, kinder, more patient, more giving person. 

A short walk down from the busy bus station and you will find yourself in Minara square. There there is a white make-shift tent which houses food, drinks and dates all ready to be handed out. Students from universities including Al Quds and Birzeit help pack and organise each iftar gathering. Over the course of the five Iftars enjoyed by Muslims so far, 650 meals have been provided by the volunteers of Life Makers. 

And Ramallah isn't the only place where this is happening. All over Palestine, Iftar is being handed out to those who need it. 

A donor L J said "We celebrate Christmas and now Ramadan. I'm Christian and I'm helping my young friends. Palestine is beautiful." 

During this often misunderstood month, you would be forgiven for thinking Muslims regard their own hunger as paramount. Here however, the efforts of bigger hearts and smaller stomachs is much closer to the truth. 

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