Tuesday 30 June 2015

First day


As for my first day in my whole life in Abu Dis, I left my town Jamma’in at 7:30 am, sleepy face and the energetic body. I waited for 40 minuets to  catch a bus to go to Ramallah, yes I did it, WOOWW.
We passed through 3 Israeli checkpoints, we spent more than one hour on these barriers!
I was afraid to be late to my meeting’s at Dar Assadaqa in Abu Dis, after I arrived Ramallah I took a piece of cake and a cup of tea to make sure that am awake.
The bus’s motor started to rotate at 9:30 am and we fastened our seat belts and get ready to move, during the road you sadly see the settlements and brown colors on the solders. After about an hour I arrived heartily to Dar Assadaqa, we spent 60 minuets with the children there, was a very nice time.

Worth to be mentioned the suffering during this trip, you lose the time and the patience but you never lose HOPE. For me as a Palestinian guy,  I always remember the human rights firstly when I see the suffer everyday when we go through a barrier which takes a lot of time just to cross a 10 meters distance. Long live Palestine.

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