Wednesday 17 December 2014

Left to Fight

My reality has been clearly defined and colonised

By broken promises and lies constructed to imprison my mind.
These lies then thickened into walls over time
They’re more imposing and restrictive than any border line.

Why should another nation decide the future of my plight
Each time a person dies, it seems like there’s no end in sight.
As deaths continue to rise, I lose parts of my mind
Confusion, with no solution, my only choice is to fight.

Prayer is our form of hope, we yearn for change in this life
We dream of justice, of peace, far from pain and strife.
Freedom is an illusion, it’s the start of the lies
That shields the truth from my heart and my eyes.

We vote for new leaders, but division remains
It’s like there’s two occupations, two sets of chains.
Resistance will remain until we see change
Never will you see the day that our defiance breaks.

From the West Bank to the Gaza Strip
Bombs rain down on the dreams of innocent kids.
Israel claims it’s “legitimate” violence
Whilst the media is fixed on impotent silence.

Maybe violence is the only option
When your tongue is taken with your conscience.
Talk of terrorism is blatant nonsense
Ask yourself - what makes a real monster?

Is it stones and keffiyehs?
Or drones that bring tears?
Feeling alone with this fear
I’ve lived with empty promises for years.

These rocks reflect my courage, they’re a part of me
No tear gas will ever suffocate the heart of me.
Violence may not be the answer, we need unity
But can you blame me when I have no opportunities.

As the media fabricates an inaccurate guise
It’s harder for our dreams to actualise.
When a child has no family, no hope, no home
A gun is his reassurance that he can cope on his own.

Go and read some history, before you start your debates
Learn about Balfour, the British, 1948.
I’ve seen gunshots tear through the hearts of my friends
I’ve seen blood, I’ve seen bodies, I’ve seen mothers lament.

When you boycott and divest, you’re lifting the chains off our shoulders
And when you film and tweet you expose the crimes of soldiers.
Alone we are nothing, but together we can progress
We can collaborate to end this man-made mess.

Consciousness creates power and power produces passion
Passion creates compassion and will naturally lead to action.
So next time you flick on the news, spare a thought for me
And together we will see the day that my land and people are free.

Max Slaughter

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