Monday 23 June 2014


It's 3am and we've just witnessed the Israeli army invading Abu Dis. Protests were dispersed about an hour ago and most people are inside or watching from the rooftops as soldiers roam the streets. Have heard gunfire and tear gas, and they're doubtless arresting many. We saw one soldier climb through the window of a 3rd floor flat, others looked to be entering houses in the town centre. An army jeep, with the engine running, has been stopped outside the building opposite us for half an hour, presumably to kidnap our neighbours.

The local wild dogs, who are usually pretty vocal at this time of night, faced off a few patrols in our area and forced a brief retreat. After last night's invasion and ransacking of Al-Quds University campus, where I'm working, tonight's was expected to be an attempt to arrest as many as possible, as has been happening all over the West Bank. We'll know more tomorrow morning.
— in Abu Dis, Palestine.

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