Monday 30 June 2014

Arrival at Tel a brown skinned Muslim

I got into Tel Aviv at 3.30am local time. When I got to the passport control I was asked to go to the waiting room for a 'few minutes' whilst they ran security checks. Obviously because I have brown skin and a Muslim name. At 4 am I was questioned for the first time, basic questions such as name, email address, parents names, grandparents names, purpose of the visit, who and what is CADFA, how I got onto the volunteering program. The man questioning me was very rude and arrogant and was getting annoyed when I could not understand what he said. Why have someone who speaks rubbish English interrogate someone from England?

11am and  I was still in the waiting area. I had a terrible back and neck pain. Throughout my wait I was brought a sandwich and bottle of water twice, which I must admit I found surprising.

1pm came and I was questioned again. Same questions, this time she took my mothers and fathers mobile numbers. My old mobile number. The woman made me log into Facebook on her computer and show her the CADFA page, she even went through my phone. After that I was sent to wait a further half hour and then let go. I had to go and find my suitcase which was sat in the middle of nowhere and then let out of the airport. The airport must be well ventilated because when I stepped outside, the heat pretty much assaulted me.

I then caught a bus to Damascus gate and met with another volunteer and we got a bus up to Abu Dis. On the bus journey up there was a check point and the army woman got on the bus and demanded to see the passes of the people on board. About 10 Palestinian men were taken off the bus and were being patted down and checked but the bus had to carry on the journey. The women were very rude and it was harassment more than anything.

Not amongst the best of journeys I've had.

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