Friday 27 January 2017

My Month in Abu Dis: One Week Till Departure

After a long respite following our November visit, I will be once again, travelling to the West Bank, on what seems like a fast approaching date. In contrast to my time in Palestine before, this trip will see me working for CADFA as a volunteer for the first time, in Abu Dis. My duties will include continuing to write via blogs, as well as helping with visas, and teaching English conversation. It's also a personal thing for me to improve my embarrassingly basic Arabic. Naturally, I'm excited about this opportunity and can't wait to follow up on the eye opening visit in November, working and living amongst Palestinians.

The visit, which will last for just over a month, also comes at a hectic time in terms of world events, and their subsequent effect on the lives of ordinary people in Palestine. It's hard to ignore the backdrop of the potentially disastrous decisions and attitudes, in the wake of Donald Trump's inauguration for example, and it will be of crucial importance to focus on whether this will translate into more abuses against the Palestinians on the ground. I'm hoping to cover this during my month long visit, and focus on the everyday life aspect of the occupation.

I can only describe the feeling before my visit as anticipation blended with excitement. It will certainly be a challenge in the coming weeks, albeit one I'm looking forward too and am eager to begin. Even in the midst of sometimes intense political issues, I found in November, that Palestine can be a welcoming place with friendly people, and it's this that makes my upcoming challenge a lot less daunting. More updates to follow.

Taken On Our Last Visit: A Photo Of The Separation Wall, Situated Adjacent To Al-Quds University.
(Photo Courtesy Of Emerson Photography)


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  2. Hope you enjoy and learn every minute, looking forward to reading more about your experiences there. I went in October with Cadfa and it was an incredible experience.