Tuesday 11 November 2014

They Came Marching!

I wrote a poem based on my time here and the things I have seen. The drawing marks the story that I have created and taken from images that have captured my interest.
 They Came Marching!
Move, move, move for the forward march10386403_4684930377218_5393745802718928020_n (1)
Their heavy, stomp-ant feet.
Left was I forgotten;
In a dungeon, dark and deep.
They’d sought refugee, hope, sanctuary
But recovered and pushed their elite.
Clash upon clash, do they fight for more
While homes come crumbling down.
Bye goes my lego house
The bricks of dust and soot of brown.
The fight is lost, we retreat for safety
Another house, another street, another town.
Up, up, up goes the concrete wall
The mark of us pushed aside.
We are divided
Too weak from those who’d died.
Toy soldier mark my stolen land
Just games that crush my pride.
Check, check, check do we wait our turn
Like sheep wanting to pass
Fighting has been made redundant
Against their guns, their ammo, their gas.
Step by every waiting step, I make it to the front
But no! I’m disregarded, rejected like an ass.
Green, blue, green, the mark of my identity.
It shows their force, their power, their mite.
My name, my family, my history
Was blown away in a matter of nights.
Where are you my listener?
Can you hear my calls, my needs, my plight?
I’m still waiting for an answer
Some hope, some faith, some fight…..

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