Friday 21 November 2014

Igniting tinder

Palestinian Kills Israeli With Car, Attacks Crowd

Obama Condemns Jerusalem Attack

East J’lem bus driver found hanged, autopsy confirms suicide suspicion

Jerusalem synagogue: Palestinians kill Israeli worshippers

Clashes as Israeli police make arrests in east Jerusalem

Over the last week the attacks in Palestine/Israel have been reported in worldwide news but maybe not as they should have. How many people have heard about the attacks on the synagogue or how Israeli troops fight to calm down the riots or imprison the ‘terrorists.’ More than I’m guessing have heard of Yusuf Hassan and the police reports. I’m not talking about the official report of his ‘suicide,’ but everything else.
Reports say that he was found at the bus station after hanging himself. He was taken to hospital and later the autopsy showed it was a suicide. Simple right? Now the synagogue has been attacked by Palestinians and people were killed. Fight, death, riots, no wonder the army is being called in to take drastic action. Well that’s bullshit! I have spend too many years listening to what someone tells me and letting them shape the way I think. Not now. I’m here, I can see for myself whats’s happening.
Yusuf Hassan, 32, a father of two, was hanged and 10644972_4699027249631_9117611357130468643_nmurdered by Israelis in a nationalistically motivated crime. He was from Abu Dis, living in Jerusalem as an Israeli bus driver, the next he was dead. His body was taken to an Israeli hospital and his family was told he committed suicide. When they were allowed to see his body they knew that it was a lie. Bruising smothered his face and the thin line that rounded his neck was not of any kind of rope but thin enough to look like metal wiring. This just didn’t make any sense so they requested his body be moved to a Palestinian hospital to have an autopsy. This was denied.
Next are the unfortunate ‘coincidences.’ I understand that Israeli buses have three cameras on them which should have captured Yusuf before he died. The cameras weren’t working. He was also found at the station so what about those cameras. Again, its a terrible shame that they too were not working. So what did they find? A dead Palestinian who they took to the hospital and decided on suicide…….. Please don’t be blind and decide for yourself what you think now that you can see there has been so much more that has been told.
Justice is not here. It hasn’t been for a long time.
Yusuf was the tinder used to ignite kindling as people start to fight back. Now the people gather in multitude pushes and the Israelis have an excuse to justify what they do. You may not see it, but war suits some people and sometimes by lighting a match, they are actually starting something bigger.
Do not forget Yusuf Hassan but don’t let his life be brushed aside. Don’t let his family live with the lies in the world. We deserve more.

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