Wednesday 5 August 2015

AAZA in Duma village

One of the CADFA volunteers in Abu Dis went with Abu Dis people to 'aaza' in Duma village to express condolences to the extended family of Ali Dawabsha aged 18  months who was burned to death and his parents and brother very seriously hurt in a settler arson attack that burned their house down. 

On the way, they had to take a very long route and come to the village from the opposite side as an Israeli army checkpoint at the beginning of the village was blocking the way in. They were told that the checkpoint was surrounded by settlers who were trying to provoke people coming to express condolences.

When they got there, they found that lots of people were coming to bring their condolences to the family - the top pictures show some of this.

Below are some terrible pictures from the house after the fire. And below that some Hebrew graffiti written by the settlers after the event (we don't know what it says, can you tell us?)

Our volunteer Umar wrote:

I have been privileged enough to go to the house where an Angel called Ali Saad Dawabsha lived. He spent 18 months of his life in that house, when one night while he was peacefully asleep some Israeli settlers set his house alight and as a consequence of this hideous act he was burnt alive. I'm sure you can understand a mothers heartache when her baby is crying for milk. Just imagine hearing your child's screams while he is burning to a slow death! You cannot even begin to imagine the level of desperation and helplessness his parents must have felt at that time. No one deserves to go through this! This is the harsh reality that Palestinians face on a daily basis. Please make people aware so another Palestinian child does not go through the same fate as Ali.

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