Tuesday 23 September 2014

The world of sun and dust; my first few days in the West Bank

Touch down! Landing Tel Aviv airport drowned me in a sea of nervous anticipation. The expectation was that we would be questioned and likely spend a few hours being interrogated as to our intentions in the East. To our great pleasure we found minimal resistance and began to make our way to Abu Dis. Passing through Tel Aviv and then Jerusalem we looked out and at the bustling cars, the cafes, restaurants and stunning hotels. Not what you'd expect right? It was still the east, the building where build of a different stone, there wasn't much grass land and people still dressed differently but these where still cities and evidently maintained at a good standard. In an instant of passing into Abu Dis, things changed. A multitude of scrap cars lay ruined at the side of the road or piled on slopes. No more where there flashy hotels or well designed cafes, we had passed the check point into Palestine.

Our apartment was well equipped and people were friendly, greeting us with a home cooked, traditional meal and filling our fridge - which would please any British person! Our first couple of days consisted of exploring the town and familiarizing ourselves the area, local foods and the people we would spend the next few months living and working with. We are now home!


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