Monday 4 August 2014


This blog has many entries about the continual Israeli army intrusions into Abu Dis. The volunteers here, for our own safety, stay inside the guest house when these incursions occur. Last week however, we inadvertently witnessed one of these invasions first-hand.

We had ventured out to our local café with some friends for a game of pool and cards when we heard some commotion outside. Cars started beeping their horns (more so than usual) and people were hurrying down the road. Hearing shouts of ‘Jaysh’ (army), the café quickly emptied out and closed down. One guy ran into the back and came out with gasmask and slingshot at the ready, clearly prepared for this event as it happens so often.

As we left the café, we glanced up the road and could see soldiers advancing for the top of the street. There had been no clash that evening, no protest, no discernable reason we could gather as to why the army had come into Abu Dis. It was the last day of Ramadan and the streets were very busy with people buying supplies for the start of Eid. There were mixed reports as to whether it was live fire or rubber bullets but the soldiers started indiscriminately shooting. We safely moved down the street and back to the guest house and we started hearing reports of injuries. 14 people had been hit, mostly in the legs before the army moved out again. 

Israeli Soldiers in Abu Dis on the Eve of Eid

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