Sunday 25 May 2014

"Video footage indicates killed Palestinian youths posed no threat" - The Guardian May 2014

It's great to see some coverage in the UK media after the killing of two Palestinian boys who posed no threat to soldiers whatsoever. I hope this is added to the long list of war crimes that Israel might one day be held to account for. I was in Ramallah at the time this happened and saw the anger and state of mourning that spread across the city when the news hit.

To watch the footage of the boys being killed, click this link to the Guardian article. The boys are just walking across the street when they receive fatal wounds from live rounds.

People here complain that the UK media is not fair in its reporting of the occupation. I think there is some truth in that but the reality is, with hard evidence, there will be journalists who are more than happy to publish the story. 

It makes me wonder if the Palestinian Authority should consider setting up CCTV everywhere to collect the hard evidence that would help give journalists across the world the confidence to publish stories about the systematic and sustained abuse of human rights and international law in occupied Palestine.

It might also come in handy in the Israeli military court cases which often entail fabricated or embellished justifications for arrests and convictions of Palestinians. I say this from the many conversations I have had with Palestinians I have met who have been in prison or have family members in prison and have received ludicrous sentences on no evidence.

In the meantime, we just need to keep filming and documenting everything as it happens and pumping it out across any platform we can for the world to see in the hope that one day we see an end to these gross injustices. 

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